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How to keep your Love Life Alive and Sparkling till Eternity!

While in the waiting room of a doctor's office, I picked up a magazine and started reading about ways to keep love and sex alive in a marriage. In this article, several couples shared their ways of keeping their love alive in today's environment. I decided to write down ideas of how to keep one's marriage alive and well in this century.

I imagine always making my spouse feel special. Showering compliments on his looks and sexual charm is quite rewarding for him; these little things make my relationship stronger. I remember fixing a dinner for him that he loves that he had not eaten for a very long time. This liven up the marriage.

On the other hand, I visualised myself opening my refrigerator door and there, they were, a bouquet of flowers in the center of the refrigerator. This makes me want to cook more. On different occasions, we plan dates. FUN. We had our special time together. Also hold hands. That human touch means so much. Regular physical touch is necessary. On many occasions, lean down and give her a kiss. Get behind him, reach around with your arms and hug him. A hug and a kiss warms his or her heart.

When your children are young, you might not feel that you have the strength after a busy day to be romantic or you may not feel like it. That is the time, you need that extra hug, a kiss on the cheek, a swirl around the kitchen with music, to climb into the bathtub together, massage your spouse and relax or simply putting your arm around and encourage her to put her head on your shoulder. These little things mean so much to a mother who is wiped out and bring you so many new rewards. These little pleasures bring great rewards and are more remembered than you might think. When you are older, she may remind you of those little things that meant so much to her and most of them will only cost you time.

Think of ways to treat your spouse and treat your spouse even better. Your rewards will keep growing and your benefits will improve measurably.