Monday, January 30, 2012

My Bubble Tea Experience on 28 January 2012 ( Saturday ) at Aeon Rawang, Anggun Shopping Centre Outside...

Mom and I went to Aeon Rawang, Anggun Shopping Centre just situated outside Bandar Country Homes and for the first time since the foodcourt's been opened, I had my first cup of Tealicious Bubble Tea which I shared with my Mom. The large bottle is priced Rm7.50 while the regular mug is priced Rm6.50 which I chosed, and my flavour was HAINAN PEARL TEA. It's a mocha coffee Cappucino with lots of "sagos" as bubbles...

After comsuming the sagos, I feel FULL even after I shared with my mother because I just consumed a SIZZLING HOT PLATE CLAYPOT of Yee Mee with mushrooms and the foodcourt nearby. The BUBBLE TEA Cafeteria is situated right at the centre of the foodcourt. I cherished the moment I had my first Bubble Tea with my Ma and I enjoyed myself very much at the food court. I PAID for my Food. There was a ATM machine just outside the foodcourt as well for easy patronage..

We stayed on the shopping mall for three hours waiting for the stage shows on children's festive dragon dance to emerge and later dispersed. I bought two pairs of lady-like T-shirts at a best buy of 2 for RM25 and Mom met a neighbour friend also went shopping at the shopping mall and they had a good chat for a long time while waiting for the children's stage shows to start.

I had a good time at Aeon Rawang, and vowed that when the TGV cinema opens its course in the next two months, we'll be here to watch our very first MOVIE show at the pleasant huge cinema. Adiooos, and I had loved the Lord..... Praise and blessings be to God.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I like my Microsoft Office, I like surfing the internet, I like facebooking, I like blogging, I like twitter.=D

Everyday I surf the internet. It has become an everyday norm. I love surfing the internet and I thanked my father for paying the telephone bill and the multimedia. I just love it very much. I sometimes don't have much to talk about but I write with ease and with pleasure. I hope that someday, my voice will be heard. I wanna thank and praise the Lord. Halleluyah!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We just can't keep playing with someone's feelings, Just because we are unsure of ours. Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not define you. It's not what you accomplished in life that matters; it's what you OVERCOME. Life's greatest treasure. =)

The year of the Golden Dragon - 2012; Hi, enter the dragon.......2012 is here!!!!!!

Journal Entry : =)

I am pretty excited over the starting of this auspicious new year of the dragon because it signifies "MIGHTINESS" and the dragon is an auspicious celestial animal worshipped by many for its MAJESTIC and accentricities.... Those born in the year 1964 will mark a turning point in their life because they are borned in the year of the dragon. This year 1964 babies will turn 48 years of their life. I am 43 this year, born in the year of the rooster. My other half as I recall, is born in the year of the rabbit, just like my eldest son who is gonna turn 13 this year and become an adolescent. A youthful boy, he is. I treasure his past. But I have given both my two boys "wings" to fly. They have found their own privacy and they have found their new-found FREEDOM . I think they will have to use their own two hands to fend for themselves as well as learn the facts of life from their beloved grandmother, Nanny Mcphee.

I have never regretted making that faithful decision that night in May, 2010. I took a taxi home to see Mom and stayed with my parents for almost two years. Everyday I visualised and magnified that fateful day when I came home and I NEVER REGRETTED having made that decision to come home.
I had never regretted that day leaving my past behind. My kids wanted their freedom, they don't want me to pester them and tell them what to do, they wanted more space to roam and more privacy to their computer games and they got it !

I ate well over here, I have gained some weight; I love my job and my daily chores around the house and I get to spend my very own pocket-money. At least I don't have to do marketing and think of what to cook for my half and children and I DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER STUPID CRAZY QUESTIONS!
Nanny Mcphee is extremely inquisitive and so WAS her daughter who was borned in the year of the dragon ! Now she takes over my meal and serving and she works for her own mother, flesh and blood. There are no tears for your own kin. I am like a step-daughter, I don't feel the love or the glory after slavery. So much for carrying the cross for the Lord, Jesus Christ !!!!!! Ohaiogozamazda!  I am off to Liberty!

I like the picture at the top. IT SIGNIFIES MY NEW FOUND FREEDOM - just like what I have given to my sons !!!!!!