Saturday, January 29, 2011

Taylor Swift Fearless Music Video

( November 2008 ) debut album 'singles' - There is nothing to fear, Fearless! It's really something. It's fearless! Take my hand, drag me head first, fearless!!!!


Taylor Alison Swift ( born December 13, 1989 ) is an American country pop singer-songwriter and actress. In 2006, she released her debut single 'Tim McGraw' then her self-titled debut album, which was subsequently certified multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and was nominated for Best New Artist award at 50th Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift became one of country's brightest  (and youngest) faces in 2006, when the 16-year-old released her first album. Although new to the American public, Swift had been performing since her preteen years in Wyomissing, PA, where she first took the stage as part of a children's theater troupe.

Encouraged by the troupe's manager to  pursue music instead, Swift began performing karaoke songs at a local mall, with open-mike gigs following shortly thereafter. She sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" before a Philadelphia 76ers game at the age of 11; the following year, she began practicing the guitar several hours each day, modeling her early songwriting attempts on crossover artists like Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks. Swift's parents realized her dedication and began making regular visits to Nashville, TN, where Swift could perform casually and meet with songwriters in the area. The family then decided to move to an outlying Nashville suburb, which accelerated Swift's career.

While performing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Swift caught the eye of music industry veteran Scott Borchetta, who signed her to his newly formed label. Swift joined the roster at Big Machine Records and released her debut single, "Tim McGraw", in August 2006.

The song drew upon her experience as a lovelorn high-school student, a theme that Swift revisited throughout her self-titled debut album. Released in late 2006, Taylor Swift catapulted the young songwriter to stardom, spawned a handful of hits (five consecutive Top Ten singles, a new record for a female solo artist), and earned multi-platinum status. Swift also received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, an award she ultimately lost to Amy Winehouse.

Figure Out What You Want!

When looking for a life partner, you'll want to find someone with whom you are compatible on most levels. You are more likely to have a successful long-term relationship if  you pair up with someone who has similar goals and morals as you do.

To discover what type of partner will be a good fit for you, sit down and make a list of the things that are most important to you in a mate. Some things to consider are :

1.  Are you looking for a woman who will be a stay-at-home mother , or would you prefer a woman who is independant and career-driven?

2.  If you are religious, you'll likely want to find a woman whose faith is compatible with your own.

3.  Are you looking for a partner who is adventurous, spontaneous and willing to go jet-setting across the world at the drop of a hat? If so, getting involved with a woman who is a homebody or afraid of flying is probably not a good idea.

Figure Out What You Want!!!!

A world of luxury - fulfillment
What you do is what you get!
I only wanted to be free!
My mother's Worth!

I am a film Star! Fame & fortune comes with a price.
Are you willing to forsake it?

I am gifted. I dance to my every moves.

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Fireworks, another time Number One Top in the Charts!!!!

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson ( born October 25, 1984 ) better known by her stage name, Katy Perry is an American singer - songwriter, musician and actress. Perry was born in Santa Barbara, California.

Fireworks was an appropriate song to usher in the Rabbit Bunny Year 2011 for Chinese New Year in just six days. I like Katy Perry , who just got married to Russel Brand last year in India. Her concept of a happy marriage might just work for Katy Perry, which she implied that she be by her Hubby's side everywhere he went , to functions, dinners and parties. They were never separated wherever they were invited to, which shows her strength and integrity in their recent marriage. I somehow totally agree with her as a celebrity and such a Star and a rich and famous husband like Russel that she should not be separated with him wherever he went. Firstly, it is dangerous for the rich and famous to be exposed to a lot of sexy, gorgeous chicks and sexy ladies out for a  night of FUN! Someone might spoil her marriage or accidents do happen for men who drinks alcohol and live a life of luxury!

So it is pretty cool of Katy Perry to never trust her husband too much and be able to relate to everything wherever they were or may be. And she is always in control of things, Russel do and she gives him advice and opinion on it. I think that's pretty smart. I would never marry a guy who wouldn't talk and never relate himself to anything but keep it private as if in secret. He should always be open to his wife , Katy Perry. So in not talking but by his side anywhere he goes, Katy Perry can know what goes on and who gets on top of him in every event he does.

So much for Katy Perry's wisdom in keeping her husband by her side and maintaining a happy marriage, I think one's profession has a lot to do with the success of an individual's marriage. Jealousy is very vital these days and crucial for many married women and especially wealthy ones. One wrong statement or remark can cause jealousy to upride a torrents of enemy waves. I don't think that money can buy trust, you've got to have wisdom in dealing with fame and fortune.

I think in choosing the right life partner, and to ride along with life's waves, you've got to be prudent and always open in dealing with your emotions and your partner's expectations. It's a two way road and junction, make sure you turn in the right corner or use the roundabout in choosing the right road.

Congratulations to Penelope Cruz in having her first baby, boy with husband Jardem Bavier, if I'm not mistaken! I always love Latinos!!! Have a Safe New Year, babe!

Friday, January 28, 2011

'He gave me RM28,000' - Berlusconi gave money but teenager insists there was no sex.

ROME : A teenager at the heart of the latest criminal probe of Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi said the billionaire media mogul gave her E7,000 (RM28,583) when she came to a Valentine's Day soiree at his villa but reiterated she did not have sex with him.

Milan prosecutors were investigating whether Berlusconi paid for sex with an underage girl from Morocco and then abused his power in trying to cover up the encounters.Berlusconi has criticised the probe, calling the allegations "incredible and grosteque".The teenager,a nightclub dancer nicknamed Ruby (pic) said in an interview on Saturday that Berlusconi did not know she was a minor when she was invited to his villa near Milan last year "because I told everyone I was 24",not 17.

When asked why Berlusconi gave her the money at the first of several evening parties, she said she attended at one of his villas outside Milan,Ruby replied, "because I had just arrived in Milan and he knew of my difficult family situation" and wanted to help.

As in other interviews Ruby has given,she reiterated that there was "absolutely no" sex between them.Ruby, now 18,said that guests dined and danced at the parties and that Berlusconi "sang" and told jokes.Prosecutors said they are investigating whether the premier had sex with the then-17-year-old girl and then used the powers of his office to try to cover up the encounter.

Prosecutors issued a summons on Friday for Berlusconi and his lawyers to appear for questioning. - AP

>>The quality of life has dropped here in Greece << said Nicholaos Sofos.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


My steps are being measured by the size of my heart. I feel. I dream. I live. I fly. Like a butterfly in her cycle of life. I am carried by the wind. Rising to the sky. Being carried by a force so delightfully entwined.

A bird Hawk is a Spirit Bird.

Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions ( music and radio ) pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy - Mohandas Gandhi. Set my spirit that I may breathe......!

Angels are Hosts! ( emcees? ) Touched by RedFm's Today's Best Music?

A hawk / an eagle / or a falcon is a bird of prey. It is usually seen as an 'omen' ( bad ). I don't put myself in a position to expose my own body into danger and I normally stay at home whenever I can because I know that the last days are coming and also it seems to me as a believer, very near. I suppose for a Buddhist, earning a living, looking for money, starting a family, building a house, with a steady array of income and having a wonderful wife who can cook, bear you children and take care of the household and do her duties well is EVERYTHING for a man's good life and Fortune......and of course healthy parents with blessings and a happy family plus lots of fun,fun,fun not to mention lust,desire too is good.

I, for one is a woman of limits. At least, maybe God didn't grant me many wishes except the gift of knowledge and school. I am grateful already for what I had,  for many women and a lot of girls out there still do not grasp what I already had. Fame and fortune may not arrive at my doorstep, but on my part is provision and food and a hobby that I looked so forward to, minus a friend. I do not question a friend's accountability for I understand in today's world , I may as well use my own two hands, lend a helping hand and fend for my family members.

I do believe in a human spirit as much as I want to believe in angels or angelic beings......I know the last days are coming, I have already accepted Christ, I have helped my partner built his family and gave him offsprings (children) and he has benefactors to his surname...I am pleased with what I have done, except that we can never live together, our differences compel us to fight, disagree and torture us to the extent that we had to be separated and that's the way it least now, I think of him ever so nicely compare to last time.....

I know how to build a family. I know how to please a man. I know how to satisfy a man's desire......and I also know how to save.......

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ultimate Intimacy.

I define sex as the "ultimate intimacy" (1). Diane Ackerman uses another biblical allusion in the tenth paragraph to further broaden the importance of a kiss. " It is a kind of pilgrimage of touch, which leads us to the temple of our desires". Anthropologically at least, a kiss on the mouth, especially with all the plunging of tongues and the exchanging of saliva, is another form of intercourse, thus making kissing and sex just about the same. Kissing is sexual intercourse.

Vivid intimacy is on kissing. It is sensual and sexual. Kisses can mean different things and can be express in many forms - "kiss our own hurt finger" , "kiss a good-luck charm" , "kiss dice before we roll them".

A man's kiss is an aphrodisiac. The way a man kisses is plenty of aphrodisiac for any woman. If they CAN kiss! I know that when a guy slow kisses her and stares straight into her eyes, and softly bites her lip and slowly slides his hand to the back of her head and softly pulls her to his body.......

Jane leeves Aerobic video

This is better than the 'kickstart' this Thursday morning at eight , played "Maniac" just to outraged me, this is sooO much better! Adioos!

Namaste Yoga Video 5 minute Preview

How to accept Failure - eliminate Stress - exercise........I will survive!

The Good Days ( OR THE ILLUSION )

So I fell in love. The specifics are not important ( I don't even remember the actual course of events that led to this ). I never thought I would but I did ( and eventually like most other guys ended up suffering and realized that it was the worst mistake of my life ).

She was beautiful. At least from outside she indeed was. And even though I kept telling everybody around me that I wanted an intellectual girl , it was her beauty that I fell for because looking back I realize that she had no other attributes. She was dumb but I always took her dumbness as cuteness. She had no ambitions in life but I thought of that as simplicity. She was immature and childish but I perceived that as innocence. Feels like I had put on these glasses which contorted my vision and I started looking at her shortcomings as her assets!!

2 years I wasted on her. She called me at odd hours and I did talk to her because I didn't want to hurt her. If I spent too much time with my friends ( by her measures!! ) , she would say that I only cared about my friends and not her, and I felt bad from inside and apologized and thought that this girl really needs me. So I was there for her whenever she needed me and I used to get happy just because she was happy.

She acted possessive whenever I even chatted with other girls while who knows she was busy chatting with and talking to and dating other guys, looking for a potential boyfriend. She said she'd never leave me alone and made me promise the same ( but when we 'broke up' - just a more gracious way to say she left me to rot - all the promises were lost ).

I guess I really was happy during that period. Everything was going fine. I never suspected that she'd betray me so easily. She was the only thing that mattered in my life. I was ready to do anything for her. But, well, things never go as planned, at least with me they never do.

This story was written by Wan Ling Liew, but Wan Ling is a girl and she never "was" a boy. So on behalf of Beyonce --- "If I were a Boy!", I would feel the same, act the same, and I was always a girl......

Altruism - Bring me back Altruism!

BringBack - I know that Dave Ramsey was talking about a friend of his that used to give away one hundred dollar bills to random people on the street during Christmas time.

He was known as the Christmas Angel. He never sought any form of recognition and took particular joy in seeing people's faces when he offered them the money.

He passed a few years ago, but Dave Ramsey told this story because he wanted his listeners to understand that it is great to save money and be debt free because he felt that it put you in a great position to give to others in the way that you would like. This is what ideal altruism is all about.

I also love when companies display corporate altruism. Many large companies give anonymously even though they would benefit from the positive public relations.

Many of these corporations are places that people really enjoy working in because the company truly understands the value of people and the human spirit.

Music is for the soul.....the use for medicine.

Music has been used throughout human history to express and affect human emotion. In biblical accounts, King Saul was reportedly soothed by David's harp music, and the ancient Greeks expressed thoughts about music having healing effects as well. Many cultures are steeped in musical traditions. It can change mood, have stimulant or sedative effects, and alter physiologic processes such as heart rate and breathing. Music can be beneficial for anyone.

Although it can be used therapeutically for people who have physical, emotional, social, or cognitive deficits, even those who are healthy can use music to relax, reduce stress, improve mood, or to accompany exercise. There are no potentially harmful of toxic effects. Music therapists help their patients achieve a number of goals through music, including improvement of communication, academic strengths, attention span and motor skills. They may also assist with behavioral therapy and pain management.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Venture into her Rocky Island ( in visualisation - while you are sleeping )

A chicken that can fly is a Hawk.....

Circe, daughter of the sun and an ocean nymph, lives on an island in the sea. Hecate may be her aunt or her sister. Most famous for revealing men's true identities by turning them variously into pigs, baboons, or lions, she herself transforms into a falcon when she wishes to fly. Circe unites the elements of earth, fire, air and water. Circe unites schools of magic too : she is among the world's masters of sorcery, potions, necromancy, love philters, transformational, and revenge magic. Circe shares her secrets and tutors worthy students. A fierce smart spirit, with a sharp sense of humour, like those other professors of enchantment, baba yaga, Mother holle, Lilith and Artemis, she must respect you before she'll help you.

Circe isn't a tutor for the beginer but for those ready for their master's degree in magic. Invite Circe with an offering of beautiful flowers, aromatic perfume, a selection of animal images, and your finest potions. Venture to her rocky island in visualisation. Decide what you wish to ask her before you journey. Circe appears in the form of a beautiful woman or a circling Hawk.

Wonder Girls - Two Different Tears (English Version)

 5 foot 4 inch alien dressed like a Pikachu , likes being chased by the Wonder Girls.......There are two different Tears - tears of Joy and tears of Pain........I am glad to be found by the Wonder Girls and sent back to outer space.......

Reasons for being ignored. SHOW ME YOUR GUT!

Being ignored is dispiriting, even to someone who has a pretty darn good life. You feel like you don't count. Imagine what it must feel like for a job seeker who's been looking for a job for months, who works her butt off crafting a careful job application, and gets no response. Silence. As though she's not even worth a rejection letter.

And imagine one of the millions of low-level employees , doing an unglamourous, thankless job day after day, year after year. How often would you imagine he gets praised? How often would you guess someone notices when he comes in wearing a handdog expression? Or a new shirt? Or when she's sighing, frustrated with a task?

And if you're one of those people who feel ignored, please take solace in knowing that unfortunately, in our ever faster-paced society, the human touch is often a casualty. There are plenty of unquestionably worthy people who too are being ignored. The best thing you can do is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get out of your head and keep your antennae out for opportunities to bring a little humanity into other people's lives. You'll feel better, I promise. It's corny but true that it feels better to give than to receive. It may even help your career. It is not that my mother gave me too much that I can feel good in giving to others than a whole lot of girls out there dying to receive more than to give. It is the feeling of being secure.

This is how you should to bring about love, when someone's being ignored. HUG someone today. A close, affectionate embrace. I feel so much better. She feels so much better. He feels that he's being loved and cherished.......

Waiting Outside the Lines......Greyson Chance. Waiting,waiting,I'm waiting.

Greyson Chance reminds me of my son. My son looks like Greyson Chance. Only thing is, he can't sing.

Learning to Wait -  developing the virtues of patience.

Learning to be patient is a decision. You decided to wait. You choose to use self - control to wait. It takes practice. To be patient, you need to change your mindset and the way you react when things don't go your way. Develop realistic expectations. Learn to expect and plan for things not always going smoothly so you will be prepared if you encounter complications and be pleased if you don't. Be resilient. It's just temporary, the difficulty will pass. Have faith that you can overcome. Be patient, knowing that if I had overcome before, I can overcome again to get through life's up and downs.

Be aware of triggers and avoid stingers at all times. It's too painful.

I am waiting outside the lines, says Greyson for Hope.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

REJECTION ( The seat is not mine )

Rejection always stings, regardless of the form of rejection. Unfortunately, rejection is a part of life. Who among us has never failed to get a desired job, been broken up with, been passed over for a raise, or had articles rejected?

Rejection doesn't get easier with time. In fact, the more rejection happens, the harder it gets, unless you have the right perspective regarding it. Don't tie all of your value to one relationship, job, contest or area of life. If you allow your success in one area to totally define who you are and your worth as a person, you'll be devastated when things don't work out.

Remember that it's okay to cry. Assume the best. For example, if someone breaks up with you, it could be that there is someone better out there destined for you. If you get turned down for one job, chances are, there is a better job waiting for you that you would miss if you got the "dream" job. Rejection is also for  your ultimate best if it helps you to grow in some way.

Remember your accomplishments. I have been through a lot. I am "better" than you. Well done! You are not worthless. You are valuable, even in times of failure. Don't give up. There are good things in store for a person who persevere! Myself, victory is a hero! "Put money in her hand!" Conquering self!

Evolution of the Self - The Path to Unconditional Self-Acceptance.How to fully accept yourself when you don't know how.

This is Salma Hayek.
Though related, self-acceptance is not the same as self-esteem. Whereas self-esteem refers specifically to how valuable or worthwhile, we see ourselves, self-acceptance alludes to a far more global affirmation of self. When we're self-accepting, we're able to embrace all facets of ourselves - not just the positive, more 'esteem-able' parts. As such, self-acceptance is unconditional, free of all qualification. We can recognize our weaknesses, limitations and foibies, but this awareness doesn't interfere with our ability to fully accept ourselves.

So what, you're younger, and vibrant and beautiful and full of energy,poise,self-esteem but your brains are lacking! I've got more brains than you, more experience than you. I have been through more and I feel more compassion than your selfishness, and arrogantness as well as uncompassionability. I AM FREE!!! (You cry more, I don't have to cry NO MORE! Yippie!!!!

"Somebody said - I want to see you cry!!!!" ...............My crying days are over.....Yahoo!

You have one condition - TRUST that Eurydice is always following you.....

Orpheus was son of the great Olympian god Apollo. In many ways Apollo was the god of music and Orpheus was blessed with musical talents. Orpheus was so sad about the loss of his love that he composed music to express the terrible emptiness which pervaded his every breath and movement. He was so desperate and found so little else meaningful, that he decided to address Hades.

As the overseer of the underworld, Hades heart had to be hard as steel, and so it was. Many approached Hades to beg for loved ones back and as many times were refused. But Orpheus' music was so sweet and so moving that it softened the steel hearted heart of Hades himself.

Hades gave permission to Orpheus to bring Eurydice back to the surface of the earth to enjoy the light of day. There was only one condition --- Orpheus was not to look back as he ascended. He was to trust that Eurydice was immediately behind him. It was a long way back up and just as Orpheus had almost finished that last part of the track,he looked behind him to make sure Eurydice was still with him.

At that very moment, she was snatched back because he did not trust that she was there. When you hear music which mourns lost love, it is Orpheus' spirit who guides the hand of the musicians who play it.....