Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Mother's Birthday party at Oriental Pavilion at JAYA 33 on Tuesday,the 1st day of Hari Raya Puasa in Malaysia.=)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shine Jesus Shine (worship video w/ lyrics)

SHINE JESUS SHINE, Fill this land with the Father's Glory, Blaze Spirit blaze, set our hearts on fire, Flow river flow, flood the nations with grace and mercy, Send forth your Word Lord and LET THERE BE LIGHT.......!

Lord I Lift Your Name On High (worship video w/ lyrics)

You came from Heaven to earth, to show the way, from the earth to the cross, my debts to pay, from the clouds to the grave, from the grave to the sky, LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH!

I grew long hair. I always needed a conditioner for any kinds of shampoo. My basic bare necessities for September this month is HAIR CONDITIONER for luscious long hair tied up in a hair band. Simplicity in life. Longevity.:)

Shampoo and Hair Conditioner, Shower foam, Facial Wash and Cleansing, Toothbrush and Toothpaste.

Breast Enhancement regulates your menstrual period. Your menstrual cycle becomes rapid and watery. Preparations to wash your undergarments as well as your sanitary personal hygiene must be arranged in order to sustain clumsiness and to speed recovery. Enhancement is pretty cheap these days and it helps the woman look far more beautiful and to meet her target of keeping the marriage "alive" . ):

It works in your MARRIAGE! Saves lives as well as liven up the marriage! Any children??????

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nobody is Perfect; No one is perfect; Everybody is not perfect :)

Conflict. Quarrels. Arguements. Rejections. Disconnections. Hate. Hatred. Anguish. Bitterness. Self-disgustion. NOBODY IS PERFECT. Even Godly men and Godly wives QUARREL. It is a fact of life. We were borned to be different and each person is unique. Perfectionism is so real these days that it is hard to take. If we can take forgiveness and in turn forgive another person especially a loved ones, there will be a cure for hatred. Let the quarrels let off steam. Let it steam down. Let it cool down. Shut yourself in your own room. A room for comfort. The comfort zone must be established. Let it stay nice and easy. OVERCOME.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Kiss Kiss Lyric+English Translations


DEPARTURE HALL - " I'm coming home" : P.Diddy and Skylar Grey :)D

I'm coming home, I'm coming home......P.DIDDY and SKYLAR GREY.

"Work with your bare hands and own two feet and get paid! - HOUSEWORK."

In reality, you don't dress up like this....... STAY-AT-HOME-MOMS.):

This is what I considered "AWESOME"!!!!

Men don't like to see their wives "SHOPPING" for their own luxuries. Everything for the table. If it's your own money (own earnings), FINE. =)

If I'm getting married for the 1st time and I'm moving home to a new house where the natural habitat consists of occupants already like parents-in-law and husband's siblings,this is how I would "picture" my MOVING PROCESS in terms of the house."Scary".

The husband have to move out and branch outside to start a family of his own. Why stay with your parents just for the sake of having old folks to take care of the house and children if your wife is a working lady? She will get just a "ROOM" only for her sex-life. No extraordinary comfy and pleasurable Home for the wife and her off-springs. But a lot of money from her company where she works. Which do you choose - MONEY or HOUSE?????

This Picture is under titled, "GOOD GIRL WITH BAD HABITS" :)D

I have a bad habits too and I am a good girl. My bad habits are, I like to rub my nose and rub my teary eyes whenever I eat a bowl of assam laksa or curry mee or even any bowl of mee. It's just my habit. I tend to have watery nose and I rubbed my face on my right sleeves. My son say I am a dirty girl and one of my friend who saw me rubb my sleeve also said that I should buy a lot of tissues. The truth is I don't have the money to spend on tissues a lot and I always try to save my piece of tissue. Maybe I should use toilet roll instead but I don't intend to. I just go with the flow. My Mom will provide me with tissues from her hand bag. I don't carry a handbag since the day I got robbed by a snatch thief about nine years ago. Since then , I had saved my money on buying hand bags. But I do carry a wallet which I put inside my jeans pocket everytime I go out or seldom does go out. My mother carries my money for me at all times. Thanks and praise the Lord. I ignore what people say about me being dirty, I always washed my hands with soap at every basin or wash tank. When I go to the loo, I always wash my hands after usage and wash with soap and hand dry. I am a constant reminder of keeping cleanliness a personal hygiene and I performed well if I needed to. So much a do for pride and self esteem and just to please fussy OLD FOLKS who don't know how to run a home with prosperity and peace.=D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"I have found ETERNITY........."! :)

This is my picture of eternity...... I have found "MY" forever ETERNITY. Achievement and results. Calculations and manipulations. Own FREE WILL. Heart's Desire Fulfilled......Eternity! I managed to count my risk management as well and then adjust food and lodging ,no worries my rice bowl is insured. I remain at my present post unmistakably. Financial assured. =) <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Money rules the World!!!! Money makes the World go round!=D

MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND! MONEY RULES THE WORLD! People quarrel because of money, people do the craziest things because of money! In short, money rules the world. MONEY IS POWER! It can turn heads in your direction! It can make you stand out in a crowd! It can make girls scream!

My money is a small sum. You can count the number of pieces on it. I used it for my own purposes because I badly EARNED IT. I made the choice in choosing the things I like. I decide whether or not to buy. THE CHOICE IS MINE. I've been having pay-cuts for ages. I had stood to the test of time. I started off with loads of money and now reduced to a mere sum for expenditure purposes. Everyday things. I don't blame my parents and I badly blame the economy for increasing the prices on consumer goods and food and not increasing our wages according to our races. I blame myself for getting ill and not pursuing higher studies to boost up my pay check.But it is already too late. I am getting a bit too old and it is already time for retirement. The time is always right. I had passed my era on bread-winning. Now is the time to leisure and pleasure. The pleasures of the soul......

If I see a Man Sweeping the Floor with a Broomstick,I'll say his wife is the LUCKIEST woman in the whole wide wide world!

THIS IS THE MAN OF EVERY WOMAN'S DREAM. A loyal, helping husband plus affectionate who DESERVES to be SERVED and honoured and to be taken cared of at every meal! =D

My Marriage was like a ROLLER COASTER! A ride without wings! ):

My Marriage was like a Roller Coaster. My marriage and raising two kids. My boys are now aged by Chinese New Year , 13 and 10, it's time to let go. BOYS WILL BE BOYS. I respected their PRIVACY and their games stations, playstations. Their father has been so kind as to buy for them playstations! I used to say it will destroy their school work results but their father doesn't care, he just go with the trend of the world of his darling children especially boys, and he so loves electronics! I don't care much nowadays, I've DONE MY PART IN RAISING HEALTHY BABIES and smart alecs too!

I'm going back to my career lifestyle by end of this year when Christmas shows up! I've had enough of housework, lethargy and snacks. It's time I pick up another cross, this time MY OWN FINANCIAL CROSS! Praise and thanks be to God! My money is small but my heart's content is achieved and my heart's desire is found! Halleluyah. Thanks to Ma. Praise the Lord.

Monday, August 15, 2011

To those who have been trained by it.........TRAINED by suffering? How? And how do I know whether the suffering has come because of my own sin or because God is teaching me? MAKING HARD DECISIONS :)

I may not always know. And in any case, the CAUSE matters relatively little. WHAT MATTERS IS MY REACTION TO SUFFERING. For I may be "TRAINED BY" suffering without understanding fully the reasons giving rise to it. I AM KIND!!!!! I AM OBEDIENT! TO SUBMIT TO YOUR ELDERLY FOLKS NO MATTER HOW RIGHT YOU ARE! (Marriage and Moving House to New-Found Family - Boyfriend's / Husband's Family ).A wife's / Women's RIGHTS!

Making Hard Decisions : I Praised the Lord over and over again because He Had Worked Marvelous Things/Ways in my life - My mother-in-law was not living with us during our puberty marriage years, we were having sex every so frequently and our babies grew up having wondrously a LOT of MILK POWDER. Thanks to Me! I make sure that my babie's Milk supply was always replenished and I had the money for it, Praise the Lord! My father-in-law died of cancer at the age of 53. His wife is a TERROR and a fussy old woman who was career-minded! I thanked the Lord that my Motherhood Years were TERRIFIC!Two is enough! My husband had agree to one baby but I wanted to have another one for the sake of the elder one. He is a tough daddy but I guess we lacked communication and a lot of foul-play. We lacked understanding because we speak different languages. He's very father oriented and I thanked the Lord for that. We just ran out of fuel supply and we practically RAN OUT OF LOVE. =D

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Journal Entry.

Tomorrow I'm collecting my new IC and then I am going to register my voting post - BCH,Rawang. I have switched to a new IC because my old one is torn and irreplaceble because the photo is too youthful (young )! I have undergo a process of suffering and endurance programme, so ultimately my face looked wrinkle and aged. So I had to change my photo on my IC and also my recent address has deferred. My microchip is still working splendidly, says the officer at the governmental office when Ma took me by car to queue up with my number and pay the ten dollar fee. I took my photo shoot without make-up because if I were to travel outstation or overseas, at the airport , they look at your face and your identification so I had to match my face on my identification card. So it is better to change for good and for better. Good Times and Good Life. I have looked deteriorated but Mom said I look fine. I look terrific. In short, I have aged and I am OLD.

I looked back on my life and I THANKED THE LORD for faith, endurance, steadfastness, responsibility, HUMILITY, HUMBLENESS because I had been taught in school to serve Christ. I had marvelled at my expenditure because few had such BENEFITS. I praised the Lord. I praise Ma. I thanked my steadfastness (PEGANGAN HIDUP). Buddhism too has brought me wealth and health. Maintenance. Health and Wealth.
Perfection. Sometimes I think that I lost everything, but something tells me that THE BEST IS YET TO COME. I shall wait for it. My TURNING POINT - work.( I am going back to work ). HOORAY!

Facial or Massage (Affordable: aching body and been working too hard)

I'm going back to the SPA for my facial OR massage. I can't bear the pain. This is my essence of youth and truly my HEART'S DESIRE! The Lord forgives! I shall pay my MA back. I'm on the EDGE of GLORY!<3

Make a Mark in Your LIFE - Give Money :)

Being a SERVANT of CHRIST is PAINFUL . And Shameful. I rather make a Mark in my entire Life - "princess"...

Your hands will always be less dirty and less agonizingly painful...(housework)!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

CYRENS (Champions) at Cheer 2011

Cheer 2011 the champion, CYRENS! SMK Sri KL

Shirtliff | Cheer 2010

S.B.U. My School!!!!

Wan Ling enjoying dim sum 2010/12

Enjoyment at Dim Sum ):

The Tumor - Animation - liu wan-ling (2004)

Acceptance and Reconciliation :)D

Waack Ed. 1 - Wan Ling vs Li Ping

Dancing Competition - Wan Ling vs Li Ping

Narcissisty. ):

Narcissistic Personality Disorder describes persons with an exaggerated sense of self-importance or uniqueness and a preoccupation with receiving attention. They will often overstate their own achievements and talents, or focus upon the special nature of their problems. In essence, the narcissist's fragile self-esteem is revealed by their preoccupation with how others regard them. Features of a narcissistic personality include a preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power,brilliance, beauty or ideal love. There is also a need for constant attention and admiration, and either a cool indifference or feelings of rage, inferiority, shame, humiliation or emptiness in response to criticism, indifference of others or defeat. ):D