Monday, May 2, 2011


When I was young and juvenile, I just LOVE to buy CHOCOLATES and CANDIES and EVERYTHING SWEET! I used to consume a lot of chocolates and bars and candies and M & Ms until I put on a lot of weight. My Mom was astrocious and absolutely abnoxious about my putting on such a weight that I was FORCED to REDUCED my weight-scale down 10 pounds!!!!!  I ACTUALLY DID THAT with the help of some funds that I had saved up through the years that I had worked in the bank. I took the money out and took spree to some strenous healthy dieting plans and routine floor-exercises and I managed to cut my body back into acute shape size! Praise the Lord!

I was back to 58 kilograms that is about 130 pounds more and around and I was proud of my achievement.
I am going to maintain my waist-line in future and for the rest of my life. I am also taking care of my butt and its size as well. And so do my breasts with absolute care and self -esteem, I will manage my body-structure.
I praise the Lord at all times that I have food to partake and I made a vow to God that I will not mis-spend my entire savings on clothes to beautify myself. So far my skin is producing enough collagen to maintain its beauty.. Thanks and I had love the Lord Almighty. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!