Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Imagining divorce.......)=

I worked like a robot for the past 13 years of my life. I had worked for my husband. But he did not showed me any love yet any care. He does not love me nor care for me. He only gave me his "petty" allowance and he assumed that is enough for him to buy my love, my sincere love of sacrifice. He did not pay my bills, he only wants to buy HIS things, HIS products, HIS services IS always required. I had to have sex with him whenever he asks for it and that includes oral and anal sex too ! Touch wood !!!!!!!

I have had enough. I came home two years ago and had stayed with my own family who fend for me and Dad paid all my debts that I had used on to passed my sorrows for the twelve years of marriage to my husband. My debts has been paid and I am now serving my sentence for my father who paid my bills. At least I am cherishing every moment of it here. Thanks and Praise be unto God !

I am working for my Mom. Everyday I am fulfilling my duties. Duties , duties, and DUTIES. I am dutiful. I hate it sometimes, but I force myself to do it for it pleases Mom and Dad. Dad is always calling me around the house to perform my duties for him. Such arrogantness. I presumed. But I had done my duties meaningfully and without fail. That cannot be questioned. I did it well. And I still thank and I had praised the Lord.

Maulidur Rasul is over, end of chinese new year, Chap Goh Mei has been here, Thaipusam is over and the days are here all over again, ready to be swept over your feet. I am sweeping the floor everyday and everyday of my life.......

The time now is 6:40 am in the morning, I just woked up and washed my clothes and also cleaned up, I had a morning mug of nescafe and Mom is already clinging, clanging around the kitchen opening doors and getting the pottery all geared up. I am going down in a short while to clean the floors all over again, and it has been a routine. I am all worked up later after. GOOOOOOOOD MORNING!!!!!