Monday, October 24, 2011

Journal Entry. ):D

Today I've been thinking about the bond. The bond I tie with my love ones. The bond I tie with my other half. The bond I had with my children. They were very strong and vivid in my life. I truly cherished them and would like to leave them with me as memories. Sometimes fond memories. Today I had a friendly chat with a girlfriend. I had so much pleasure conversing my fondest memories and my aspirations. I kinda think tonight has been truly special in the sense that I met her. I looked towards her with hope and friendship.

My computer tonight works splendidly. Unlike so many other challenging days of torment with the pc. I know I am aging, but my pc is aging too. And I don't know about its life-span, I hope to lengthen it, because I see myself in my writings and it helps. It really helps me in my daily lives. I wish I'd have this office for a lifetime to cherish, maybe another decade, or maybe five more years...... I thanked my brother for his commitment towards paying the bill as it's his computer to work on too.

Tonight I cherished my love for my commitment and my kinship. Tonight I cherished all the good moments I had and this one is none more the special. Tonight I praise God for a sense of well-being after chatting with my girlfriend. Tonight I thanked God for what I had, although they are times when I pleaded for more. But tonight I am grateful for what I had and I showed my gratitude through my writings.

Blessed is he who works on the Lord and Blessed is she who works with the Lord......!

Saturday, October 1, 2011



To have an inner wealth is to find HAPPINESS within you.....inside your whole being and character!

Laugh your Heart Out, Dance in the Rain, Cherish the Moment, Ignore the Pain, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, FORGIVE and FORGET, Life's too short to be LIVING WITH REGRETS......~ Forgiveness.

I shall learn to live with laughter and Laugh through my Tears. Ignore the Pain. I have EXPERIENCE. You have not.)=D